G-CSF-associated rash in an allogeneic PBPC donor
Physicians for the Advancement of Transfusion Medicine
FDA approach to evaluation of pathogen reduction technology
Absence of activation of CMV by blood transfusion to HIV-infected, CMV-seropositive patients
Effects of blood transfusion on clinical and functional outcomes in patients with hip fracture
Comparison of radioisotope methods and a nonradioisotope method to measure the RBC volume and RBC survival in the baboon
Seven-day storage of random donor PLT concentrates
PLTs of Blood Group A1 donors express increased surface A antigen owing to apheresis and prolonged storage
Pathogen inactivation of RBCs
DAK, a new low-incidence antigen in the Rh blood group system
Severe neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia caused by antibodies to human platelet antigen 3a (Baka) detectable only in whole platelet assays
Randomized placebo-controlled study of oral calcium carbonate administration in plateletpheresis
Randomized placebo-controlled study of oral calcium carbonate supplementation in plateletpheresis
Comparison of CD34+ cell collection on the CS-3000+ and Amicus blood cell separators
HIV antibody screening remains indispensable for ensuring viral safety of blood components despite NAT implementation
HCV viral load in anti-HCV-reactive donors and infectivity for their recipients
Evaluation of serologic screening of blood donors in India reveals a lack of correlation between anti-HBc titer and PCR-amplified HBV DNA
Acute intravascular hemolysis after transfusion of a chimeric RBC unit
Impact of HCV 3.0 EIA relative to HCV 2.0 EIA on blood-donor screening
Intravenous immune globulins
The role of toxicology assessment in transfusion medicine
CMV DNA in blood donors with IgM and IgG CMV antibodies
PLT-associated immunoglobulin increases during PLT storage
Genotyping Dombrock alleles in Portuguese blood donors by real-time PCR
Genotyping Dombrock alleles in Portuguese blood donors by real-time PCR
Collection of WBC-reduced single-donor PLT concentrates with a new blood cell separator: results of a multicenter study.
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Comparison of two apheresis systems for the collection of CD14+ cells intended to be used in dendritic cell culture.