Viral attacks on the blood supply
NAT screening of blood donors for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus can potentially prevent transfusion associated transmissions
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Hb content-based transfusion policy successfully reduces the number of RBC units transfused
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Decreased RBCTs after reduced intensity conditioning allogeneic stem cell transplantation
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Postdelivery levels of anti-D IgG prophylaxis in D– mothers depend on maternal body weight
Liquid storage, shipment, and cryopreservation of cord blood
Peripheral blood circulating immature cell counts predict CD34+ cell yields in G-CSF-induced PBPC mobilization in healthy donors
Low-dose lenograstim to enhance engraftment after autologous stem cell transplantation
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Viable CD34+ stem cell content of a cord blood graft
A preclinical xenotransplantation animal model to assess human hematopoietic stem cell engraftment
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Molecular and serologic characterization of DWI, a novel “high-grade” partial D
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Utility of in vitro tests in predicting the in vivo viability of stored PLTs
Utility of in vitro tests in predicting the in vivo viability of stored PLTs
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Hb screening of blood donors
Hb screening of blood donors
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