Platelet swirling
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, variant CJD, and blood transfusion
A new section on blood conservation
Preoperative acute normovolemic hemodilution
Estimating blood donor loss due to the variant CJD travel deferral
Current impact of the confidential unit exclusion option
The donor notification process from the donor's perspective
Mammalian brain consumption by blood donors in the United States
Consensus conference on vCJD screening of blood donors
Substitution Glu480Lys in erythroid band 3 corresponds to the Fra blood group antigen and supports existence of the second ectoplasmic loop of band 3
Which factors can affect cord blood variables?
Clinical investigation of posttransfusion Kidd blood group typing using a rapid normalized quantitative polymerase chain reaction
ABO and Rh(D) phenotype frequencies of different racial/ ethnic groups in the United States
Evolution of the O alleles of the human ABO blood group gene
Evaluation of the sensitivity of red blood cell markers to detect photodynamic membrane damage
Supernatant from stored red blood cell primes inflammatory cells
Inactivation of protozoan parasites in red blood cells using INACTINE PEN110 chemistry
Performance of time-series methods in forecasting the demand for red blood cell transfusion
Platelet transfusion in an infant leading to formation of anti-D
Collection of two consecutive neutrophil concentrates for transfusion from donors mobilized with glycosylated granulocyte-CSF plus dexamethasone
Recommendations for optimized settings of the Amicus Crescendo cell separator for the collection of CD34+ progenitor cells
High incidence of defective high-shear platelet function among platelet donors
Human platelet antigen systems in allogeneic peripheral blood progenitor cell transplantation
The role of diagnosis in patients failing peripheral blood progenitor cell mobilization
Better preservation of early hematopoietic progenitor cells when human peripheral blood progenitor cells are cryopreserved with 5 percent dimethylsulfoxide instead of 10 percent dimethylsulfoxide
Sustained suppression of hepatitis C virus by high doses of interferon and ribavirin in adult hemophilic patients
Indications for therapeutic apheresis
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Retrospective targeted HCV lookback
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