Electron micrographic study of the removal of Leishmania from blood products by leukodepletion filters
Systematic underestimation of anemia severity in postoperative patients
Aprotinin versus tranexamic acid
Limiting the chaos of same-day surgery
How I manage cold agglutinins
A propensity score case-control comparison of aprotinin and tranexamic acid in high-transfusion-risk cardiac surgery
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Thirty-day typing and screening for patients undergoing elective surgery
End-to-end electronic control of the hospital transfusion process to increase the safety of blood transfusion
Limitations of the hematocrit level to assess the need for red blood cell transfusion in hypovolemic anemic patients
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Proteomics as a tool for assessment of therapeutics in transfusion medicine
Clinical effects of reverting from leukoreduced to nonleukoreduced blood in cardiac surgery
Perioperative red cell, plasma, and blood volume change in patients undergoing cardiac surgery
ABO-mismatched marrow processing for transplantation
Prospective flow cytometric evaluation of nucleated red blood cells in cord blood units and relationship with nucleated and CD34+ cell quantification
The effects of leukodepletion on the generation and removal of microvesicles and prion protein in blood components
Comparison of two sterile connection devices and the effect of sterile connections on blood component quality
Transfusion of 7-day-old amotosalen photochemically treated buffy-coat platelets to patients with thrombocytopenia
A weak blood group A phenotype caused by a translation-initiator mutation in the ABO gene
The gene overexpressed in polycythemia rubra vera, PRV-1, and the gene encoding a neutrophil alloantigen, NB1, are alleles of a single gene, CD177, in chromosome band 19q13.31
Hints to blood groupers, 1950
Hemolytic disease of the newborn due to anti-Dib
Predictive ability of sequential surveys in determining donor loss from increasingly stringent variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease deferral policies
Correlates of hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA negativity among HCV-seropositive blood donors
Effects of skin disinfection method, deviation bag, and bacterial screening on clinical safety of platelet transfusions in the Netherlands
Sterility testing of platelet concentrates prepared from deliberately infected blood donations
Deleterious clinical effects of transfusion immunomodulation
Deleterious clinical effects of transfusion immunomodulation