Feasibility of Bloodless Surgery on a Gynecologic Oncology Service
Pre-Transplant Transfusions is a Predictor of Worst Survival in Heart Transplant Recipients—Analysis of the UNOS Database
Re-Evaluation of ICU Blood Management Strategies and Metrics
Platelet Gel and Fibrin Sealant Reduce Allogeneic Blood Transfusions in Total Knee Arthroplasty
Reducing Transfusion Rates in Patients Undergoing Total Joint Replacement
A Successful Blood Conservation Process in a Multi-Hospital Network
Have We Missed Something? Whole Blood Conservation and Manage- ment in Cardiac Surgery
Multimodal Blood Conservation in Cardiac Surgery
Blood Management and Blood Conservation Practices in an ICU Setting
Emergency Blood Salvage for Cardiac Catheterization
A Reversible ADP Platelet Receptor Antagonist Maintains Graft Pa- tency and Preserves Platelet Function After Cardiopulmonary Bypass and CABG in a Canine Model
Thoracic Aortic Operations Without Blood Transfusion
Clinical Experience with Redo-Cardiac Surgery Without Blood Transfusion
Blood Conservation And Coagulation By Non-Thermal Dielectric Barrier Discharge Technology
Developmental Analysis of Ethical Duties Synthesized by Case Law for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery
Implications of HBV DNA in Serum Of Hbs Ag Negative, Anti-Hbc Ig G Positive Blood Donors-Indian Perspective
Computerized “Tonometry” Guides Transfusion Decisions and Man- agement of Altered Hemoglobin Affinity
Blood Conservation & Transfusion Risk in Children with Parapneu- monic Effusion
Recombinant Factor VIIa (r F-VIIa) for Traumatic Bleeding in a Jehovah's Witness
Transfusion Reduction In Open Heart Surgery
Ontario Nurse Transfusion Coordinators (ONTra C)
True Cost Estimation of a Blood Transfusion Therapy
Blood Component Order Sets That Promote Appropriate Blood Uti-lization
Centrolobular lung edema in probable transfusion-related acute lung injury
New features for TRANSFUSION authors and readers
Tissue oversight in hospitals
The platelet prophylactic transfusion trigger
Platelet therapy is always changing
Human tissue oversight in hospitals
Platelet utilization and the transfusion trigger
Evaluation of platelet transfusion triggers in a tertiary-care hospital
Calculating the required transfusion volume in children
Concentration of transfusion resources on a few pathologies and a few patients
Assessment of education and computerized decision support interventions for improving transfusion practice
Inactivation of Orientia tsutsugamushi in red blood cells, plasma, and platelets with riboflavin and light, as demonstrated in an animal model
A comparative study of reducing the extracellular potassium concentration in red blood cells by washing and by reduction of additive solution
Development of proficiency testing for detection of bacterial contamination of platelet products
Impact of transfection with total RNA of K562 cells upon antigen presenting, maturation, and function of human dendritic cells from peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Quantification of nucleated red blood cells in allogeneic marrow graft and impact of processing on recovery
The functional immaturity of dendritic cells can be relevant to increased tolerance associated with cord blood transplantation
Human cord blood CD133+ cells immunoselected by a clinical-grade apparatus differentiate in vitro into endothelial- and cardiomyocyte-like cells
Structure-function studies for in vitro chemical inhibition of Fcγ receptor–mediated phagocytosis
Mc Leod phenotype without the Mc Leod syndrome
Functional in vitro studies of recombinant human immunoglobulin G and immunoglobulin A anti-D
Current incidence and estimated residual risk of transfusion-transmitted infections in donations made to Canadian Blood Services
A possible role for the production of multiple HLA antibodies in fatal platelet transfusion refractoriness after peripheral blood progenitor cell transplantation from the mother in a patient with relapsed leukemia
Assessing exclusionary power of a paternity test involving a pair of alleged grandparents
Cardioprotective effects of acute normovolemic hemodilution in patients with severe aortic stenosis undergoing valve replacement
About the mechanism of action of Win Rho®SDF
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Platelet transfusion and postoperative infection in cardiac surgery
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Return behavior of blood donors after expiration of a 1-year malarial travel deferral
Prevalence of HLA antibodies in transfused patients with and without red blood cell antibodies
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