Technology transfer
The effect of interruption of agitation on in vitro measures of platelet concentrates in additive solution
Storage of platelets in a novel additive solution (M-sol), which is prepared by mixing solutions approved for clinical use that are not especially for platelet storage
Red blood cell (RBC) age at collection and storage influences RBC membrane-associated carbohydrates and lectin binding
Differences in functional activity and antigen expression of granulocytes primed in vivo with filgrastim, lenograstim, or pegfilgrastim
Use of therapeutic plasma exchange in the management of acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis
Evaluation of a new apheresis system for the collection of leukoreduced single-donor platelets
Donor retention as a function of donor reactions to whole-blood and automated double red cell collections
The safety profile of automated collections
A path analysis of intention to redonate among experienced blood donors
Three missense mutations, including a novel 860C>T transition, and allelic enhancement phenomenon associated with ABO blood subgroups A in Taiwan
Changes in red blood cell transfusion practice during the past two decades
Recombinant human C1-inhibitor in the treatment of acute angioedema attacks
Cryopreservation of cellular products in a closed-bag system with an incorporated dimethyl sulfoxide–resistant sterile filter outside of cleanroom facilities
Characterization of mononuclear cells remaining in the leukoreduction system chambers of apheresis instruments after routine platelet collection
Use of X-linked short tandem repeat loci in routine parentage casework
Frequent detection of the parvoviruses, PARV4 and PARV5, in plasma from blood donors and symptomatic individuals
Inactivation of parvovirus B19 in human platelet concentrates by treatment with amotosalen and ultraviolet A illumination
Planning for pandemic influenza
Influenza viremia and the potential for blood-borne transmission
Transfusion premedications
Black Markets
Industry and medicine
Identification of platelet factor 4 and β-thromboglobulin by profiling and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry of supernatant peptides in stored apheresis and buffy-coat platelet concentrates
The National Marrow Donor Program with emphasis on the early years
The National Marrow Donor Program with emphasis on the early years
Sequence analysis confirmation of transfusion-transmitted hepatitis C by red blood cells that tested negative by minipool hepatitis C virus nucleic acid testing