Why this symposium and next steps
Welcoming address
Blood center and hospital partnerships that increase transfusion safety and value
U.S. hospital satisfaction survey on blood providers
Contribution of blood to hospital revenue in the United States
Session 1 Questions and Answers
Application of bar code technology at the bedside
Radio frequency identification for prevention of bedside errors
Session 2 Questions and Answers
Reducing the amount of blood transfused by changing clinicians' transfusion practices
Clinical quality improvement information for transfusion practice
Use of a computer-assisted system for blood utilization review
Optimizing blood usage through benchmarking
Reducing blood use
Influencing blood usage in Germany
Session 3 Questions and Answers
New frontiers in managing the relationship between a blood service and a hospital
Blood center and hospital relationships in England and North Wales
The Pittsburgh centralized transfusion model
A Swedish blood organization
Blood centers and hospitals
The blood bank
Session 4 Questions and Answers
Complications related to blood transfusion in surgical patients
Unlocking the essentials of effective blood inventory management
Redesigning supply chain management together with the hospitals
Session 5 Questions and Answers
Closing Remarks
Closing Remarks