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The consensus development process in transfusion medicine
Pathogen inactivation
Dramatic tissue response after a single granulocyte transfusion
Treatment allocation in clinical trials
Transfusion-induced autoantibodies and differential immunogenicity of blood group antigens
Detection of anti-D in D– recipients transfused with D+ red blood cells
Peripheral blood progenitor uncontrolled-rate freezing
Peripheral blood hematopoietic stem cell mobilization and collection efficacy is not an independent prognostic factor for autologous stem cell transplantation
Dismantling applied tension
Divergent expression of cellular prion protein on blood cells of human and nonhuman primates
Leukoreduction filtration of whole-blood units from sickle trait donors
Altered processing of thawed red cells to improve the in vitro quality during postthaw storage at 4°C
Chemical treatment of anti-D results in improved efficacy for the inhibition of Fcγ receptor–mediated phagocytosis
Translation of glycoprotein IIIa in stored blood platelets
Quality and stability of red cells derived from gravity-separated placental blood with a hollow-fiber system
Photopheresis in pediatric graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic marrow transplantation
Monocyte enrichment from leukapheresis products by using the Elutra cell separator
Automated CD14+ monocyte collection with the autoMNC program of the COM.TEC cell separator
A sensitive quantitative single-platform flow cytometry protocol to measure human platelets in mouse peripheral blood
Detection of Hp del among Thais, a deleted allele of the haptoglobin gene that causes congenital haptoglobin deficiency
The alloimmune response to the human platelet antigen-1a is not related to maternal-fetal killer immunoglobulinlike receptor/HLA-Cw combinations
Weak blood group B phenotypes may be caused by variations in the CCAAT-binding factor/NF-Y enhancer region of the ABO gene
Designing laboratory-based research studies
Pathogen inactivation
On residual risk assessment for first-time donation
On residual risk assessment for first-time donation
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