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Automating the transfusion service in the 21st century
Red cell age and loss of function
Electronic remote blood issue
Comprehensive proteomic analysis of protein changes during platelet storage requires complementary proteomic approaches
Red cell concentrates of hemochromatosis patients comply with the storage guidelines for transfusion purposes
Effects of high-yield thrombocytapheresis on the quality of platelet products
Vesicles generated during storage of red cells are rich in the lipid raft marker stomatin
Heterogeneity of HPA-3 alloantibodies
Rh discrepancies caused by variable reactivity of partial and weak D types with different serologic techniques
Expression of a novel missense mutation found in the A4GALT gene of Amish individuals with the p phenotype
Sec1-FUT2-Sec1 hybrid allele generated by interlocus gene conversion
ABO transcript levels in peripheral blood and erythropoietic culture show different allele-related patterns independent of the CBF/NF-Y enhancer motif and multiple novel allele-specific variations in the 5′- and 3′-noncoding regions
Blood group genotyping for Jk a /Jk b , Fy a /Fy b , S/s, K/k, Kp a /Kp b , Js a /Js b , Co a /Co b , and Lu a /Lu b w ith microarray beads
Is flow cytometry accurate enough to screen platelet autoantibodies?
Tranexamic acid reduces blood transfusion in total knee arthroplasty even when a blood conservation program is applied
Enhancing attitudes and intentions in prospective blood donors
Evaluation of a new Trypanosoma cruzi antibody assay for blood donor screening
A touch of TRALI
Viability does not necessarily reflect the hematopoietic progenitor cell potency of a cord blood unit
Immunomagnetic selection of progenitor cells from peripheral blood after thawing with an automatic system in a pediatric patient with a neuroblastoma
Persistence of allografts in the peritoneal cavity after prenatal transplantation in mice
Selection of hematopoietic stem cells with a combination of galactose-bound vinyl polymer and soybean agglutinin, a galactose-specific lectin
Storage of platelets in 30 percent plasma and 70 percent M-sol additive solution
Are vasovagal reaction rates in blood donors related to the duration of the phlebotomy?
Modeling of bacterial contamination
Modeling of bacterial contamination