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Blood substitutes
Antigen-antibody combination assays for blood donor screening
Can you see the wood for the trees? Making sense of forest plots in systematic reviews 2. Analysis of the combined results from the included studies
Performance evaluation of the new fully automated human immunodeficiency virus antigen-antibody combination assay designed for blood screening
Hepatitis C virus window-phase infections
Mannose-binding lectin is involved in multiple organ dysfunction syndrome after cardiac surgery
Blood clearance of the prion protein introduced by intravenous route in sheep is influenced by host genetic and physiopathologic factors
Development of a novel assay to evaluate the functional potential of umbilical cord blood progenitors
Evaluation of an automated closed fluid management device for processing expanded cytokine-induced killer cells to use in immunotherapy programs for cancer
Prospective randomized comparative observation of single- versus split-dose lenograstim to enhance engraftment after autologous stem cell transplantation in patients with multiple myeloma or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Evaluation of gene expression profiles of immature dendritic cells prepared from peripheral blood mononuclear cells
A randomized clinical trial comparing immediate versus delayed clamping of the umbilical cord in preterm infants
The influence of baseline hemoglobin concentration on tolerance of anemia in cardiac surgery
Apheresis donors and platelet function
Patient and product factors affecting platelet transfusion results
Storage of platelet concentrates from pooled buffy coats made of fresh and overnight-stored whole blood processed on the novel Atreus 2C+ system
Photochemical treatment of plasma with amotosalen and UVA light
Small-molecule complement inhibitors cannot prevent the development of the platelet storage lesion
The quality of platelet concentrates produced by COBE Spectra and Trima Accel cell separators during storage for 7 days as assessed by in vitro methods
Overnight or fresh buffy coat–derived platelet concentrates prepared with various platelet pooling systems
Rapid detection of anti-Lub with recombinant Lub protein and the particle gel immunoassay
A pool of repeat blood donors can be generated with little expense to the blood center in sub-Saharan Africa
Blood donor satisfaction and intention of future donation
The effect of a standardized protocol for iron supplementation to blood donors low in hemoglobin concentration
Assessment of a travel question to identify donors with risk of Trypanosoma cruzi
Career activities of physicians taking the subspecialty board examination in blood banking/transfusion medicine
Postoperative blood loss and transfusion associated with use of Hextend in cardiac surgery patients at a blood conservation center
Basic science focus on blood substitutes
Blood transfusion administration—one- or two-person checks
Kinetics of inactivating human parvovirus B19 and porcine parvovirus by dry-heat treatment
The impact of HLA antibodies on engraftment of unrelated cord blood transplants