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Of mice and men and red cell storage systems
Teaching transfusion medicine research methods in the developing world
Filter failures with sickling hemoglobin
Data safety monitoring boards
How we evaluate panagglutinating sera
A novel mouse model of red blood cell storage and posttransfusion in vivo survival
Limiting and detecting bacterial contamination of apheresis platelets
In vitro platelet function of platelet concentrates prepared using three different apheresis devices determined by impedance and optical aggregometry
Stored red blood cell supernatant facilitates thrombin generation
Effects of storage and leukoreduction on lymphocytes and Epstein-Barr virus genomes in platelet concentrates
Evaluation and comparison of coagulation factor activity in fresh-frozen plasma and 24-hour plasma at thaw and after 120 hours of 1 to 6°C storage
Characteristics of blood donors and donated blood in sub-Saharan Francophone Africa
Transfusion safety on the African continent
Current incidence and residual risk of hepatitis B infection among blood donors in the United States
Transient occult hepatitis B virus infection in a blood donor with high viremia
Simple standing test predicts and water ingestion prevents vasovagal reaction in the high-risk blood donors
What type of information is trusted by whom? A multilevel analysis of the stability of the information source-trust association for blood transfusion
Red blood cell alloimmunization among sickle cell Kuwaiti Arab patients who received red blood cell transfusion
Molecular bases of unexpressed RHD alleles in Chinese D− persons
Dombrock genotyping in a native Congolese cohort reveals two novel alleles
The value of automated gel column agglutination technology in the identification of true inherited D blood types in massively transfused patients
The spleen plays a central role in primary humoral alloimmunization to transfused mHEL red blood cells
Extracellular DNA in cord blood plasma and applications in cord blood banking for sample identification
Immunophenotypical, morphologic, and functional characterization of maturation-associated plasmacytoid dendritic cell subsets in normal adult human bone marrow
Long-term cryopreservation of autologous stem cell grafts
A correlation between growth rate, apoptosis, and tumor necrosis factor-α in umbilical cord blood cells infected with two strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Morphologic, histochemical, and functional analysis of platelet-rich plasma activity on skeletal cultured cells
Low-oxygen and high-carbon-dioxide atmosphere improves the conservation of hematopoietic progenitors in hypothermia
Retrospective analysis of autologous blood use in bimaxillary repositioning osteotomy surgery
Elevated Ca2+ influx-inducing activity toward mast cells in pretransfusion sera from patients who developed transfusion-related adverse reactions
Comparison of the effects of deferasirox, deferiprone, and deferoxamine on the growth and virulence of Vibrio vulnificus
Prospective randomized clinical transfusion trials and statistical analysis
Prospective randomized clinical transfusion trials and statistical analysis
Human parvovirus 4 in recipients of cellular products and in blood donors