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The evolving use of bead arrays for platelet antibody detection
Progress in monitoring blood safety
Therapeutic apheresis: history, clinical application, and lingering uncertainties
Systemic neutrophilic aggregates in transfusion-related acute lung injury
The detection of platelet antibodies by simultaneous analysis of specific platelet antibodies and the monoclonal antibody–specific immobilization of platelet antigens: an interlaboratory comparison
Analysis of complement receptor Type 1 expression on red blood cells in negative phenotypes of the Knops blood group system, according to CR1 gene allotype polymorphisms
Polyethylene glycol antiglobulin tube versus gel microcolumn: influence on the incidence of delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions and delayed serologic transfusion reactions
Immune-mediated pancytopenia induced by oxaliplatin: a case report
RHD positive among C/E+ and D− blood donors in Denmark
Regional registry of patient alloantibodies: first-year experience
Weak A phenotypes associated with novel ABO alleles carrying the A2 -related 1061C deletion and various missense substitutions
Prevalence, incidence, and residual risk of major blood-borne infections among apheresis collections to the American Red Cross Blood Services, 2004 through 2008
Prevalence, incidence, and residual risk of human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis C virus infections among United States blood donors since the introduction of nucleic acid testing
The seroprevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) among 559,890 first-time volunteer blood donors in China reflects regional heterogeneity in HCV prevalence and changes in blood donor recruitment models
Continuing Medical Education Program in Transfusion
A case-control study of factors associated with resolution of hepatitis C viremia in former blood donors (CME)
Screening of Canadian Blood Services donors for severe immunoglobulin A deficiency
Expression of growth differentiation factor 15 is not elevated in individuals with iron deficiency secondary to volunteer blood donation
Effects of red blood cells on hemostasis
The status of massive transfusion protocols in United States trauma centers: massive transfusion or massive confusion?
Posttransfusion platelet count increments after ABO-compatible versus ABO-incompatible platelet transfusions in noncancer patients: an observational study
Management of acute anemia in a Jehovah's Witness patient with acute lymphoblastic leukemia with polymerized bovine hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier: a case report and review of literature
Iron chelation therapy associated with improvement of hematopoiesis in transfusion-dependent patients
Association of ABO(H) and I blood group system development with von Willebrand factor and Factor VIII plasma levels in children and adolescents
Differential profiling of human red blood cells during storage for 52 selected microRNAs
Inappropriate conclusions from the WHO study that evaluated serologic assays for Chagas disease
New mutation in the β3-integrin (GPIIIa) gene inducing HPA-1 genotyping discrepancies
Relative safety of buffy coat platelet pools
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Absence of acute adverse in-vitro effects on AS-1 RBCs and whole blood–derived platelets following prolonged exposure to 13.56 MHz radio energy
Business continuity: mitigating and responding to ensure continuous customer support
Evaluating the impact of the blood drive “person-in-charge” on blood drive effectiveness
Organization and management of an accredited specialist in blood bank (SBB) technology program
Using an integrated automated system to optimize retention and increase frequency of blood donations
Design of a donor-driven data collection strategy for operational improvement of blood donation process