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Is it time to reconsider neutrophil antibody testing of platelet donors?
Fresh thinking about fresh whole blood
Disentangling anemia and transfusion
Composite outcomes in clinical trials: what are they and when should they be used?
How do I approach patients with warm-reactive autoantibodies?
Geno- and phenotyping and immunogenicity of HNA-3
RHCE * ceCF encodes partial c and partial e but not CELO, an antigen antithetical to Crawford
A novel RHCE*ce 48C, 733G allele with Nucleotide 941C in Exon 7 encodes an altered red blood cell e antigen
Blood group genotyping by high-throughput DNA analysis applied to 356 reagent red blood cell samples
Toward a definition of “fresh” whole blood: an in vitro characterization of coagulation properties in refrigerated whole blood for transfusion
The extent of amotosalen photodegradation during photochemical treatment of platelet components correlates with the level of pathogen inactivation
The use of fresh-frozen plasma in England: high levels of inappropriate use in adults and children
Postoperative anemia after joint replacement surgery is not related to quality of life during the first two weeks postoperatively
Risk for perioperative myocardial infarction and mortality in patients undergoing hip or knee arthroplasty: the role of anemia
A practical strategy to reduce the risk of passive hemolysis by screening plateletpheresis donors for high-titer ABO antibodies
Role of perioperative intravenous iron therapy in elderly hip fracture patients: a single-center randomized controlled trial
The epidemiology of blood component transfusion in Catalonia, Northeastern Spain
Continuing Medical Education Program in Transfusion
Effects of intravenous iron combined with low-dose recombinant human erythropoietin on transfusion requirements in iron-deficient patients undergoing bilateral total knee replacement arthroplasty (CME)
Anaphylactic shock to fresh-frozen plasma inactivated with methylene blue
Recipients potentially infected with parvovirus B19 by red blood cell products
Validation of short-term handling and storage conditions for marrow and peripheral blood stem cell products
Red blood cell (RBC) volume can be independently determined in vivo in humans using RBCs labeled at different densities of biotin
Contribution of attitudinal factors to blood donation in African American church attendees
Analysis of cutoffs for screening sensitized blood donors for HLA alloantibodies using a cytometric microbead assay
Performance of parallel screening of Brazilian blood donors with two human immunodeficiency virus immunoassays: implications for sequential immunoassay testing algorithms in other countries
Reduction of the risk of transfusion-transmitted human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection by using an HIV antigen/antibody combination assay in blood donation screening in Cameroon
Demographic characteristics and prevalence of serologic markers among blood donors who use confidential unit exclusion (CUE) in São Paulo, Brazil: implications for modification of CUE polices in Brazil
Prevalence of hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus among blood donors at a tertiary care hospital in India: a five-year study
Refinement of a viral transmission risk model for blood donations in seroconversion window phase screened by nucleic acid testing in different pool sizes and repeat test algorithms
Falsification or paradigm shift? Toward a revision of the common sense of transfusion
False-positive nucleic acid test results for human immunodeficiency virus RNA and hepatitis C virus RNA: an underappreciated problem
Soluble CD40 ligand in stem cell products of autologous donors