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A fresh take on whole blood
Between the trash can and the freezer: donor education and the fate of cord blood
Bias in transfusion research: from study design to result reporting
Continuing Medical Education Program in Transfusion
Comparison of platelet transfusion as fresh whole blood versus apheresis platelets for massively transfused combat trauma patients (CME)
Postponing or eliminating red blood cell transfusions of very low birth weight neonates by obtaining all baseline laboratory blood tests from otherwise discarded fetal blood in the placenta
Cause-specific mortality associated with leukoreduced, buffy coat–depleted, or no blood transfusion after elective surgery for colorectal cancer: a posttrial 15-year follow-up study
Implementing a program to improve compliance with neonatal intensive care unit transfusion guidelines was accompanied by a reduction in transfusion rate: a pre-post analysis within a multihospital health care system
Risk factors and outcome associated with hypomagnesemia in massive transfusion
Perspectives of potential donors on cord blood and cord blood cryopreservation: a survey of highly educated, pregnant Korean women receiving active prenatal care
Factors affecting banking quality of umbilical cord blood for transplantation
Granulocyte–colony-stimulatory factor: a strong inhibitor of natural killer cell function
Evaluation of a new cell separator for collection of peripheral blood CD34+ progenitor cells in pediatric patients
Thrombopoietin to replace megakaryocyte-derived growth factor: impact on stem and progenitor cells during ex vivo expansion of CD34+ cells mobilized in peripheral blood
Changes of cytokine levels during granulocyte–colony-stimulating factor stem cell mobilization in healthy donors: association with mobilization efficiency and potential predictive significance
Cord blood banking and transplantation at the Mexican Institute of Social Security: the first 5 years
Pooled peripheral blood mononuclear cells provide an optimized cellular substrate for human immunodeficiency virus Type 1 isolation during acute infection
Incidence and transfusion risk factors for transfusion-associated circulatory overload among medical intensive care unit patients
Hemostatic function of buffy coat platelets in additive solution treated with pathogen reduction technology
Active cooling of whole blood to room temperature improves blood component quality
Novel test for microparticles in platelet-rich plasma and platelet concentrates using dynamic light scattering
Mitochondrial dysfunction of platelets stored in first- and second-generation containers is, in part, associated with elevated carbon dioxide levels
Characterization of Jk(a+weak): a new blood group phenotype associated with an altered JK*01 allele
A new Ser472Asn (Cab2a+) polymorphism localized within the αIIb “thigh” domain is involved in neonatal thrombocytopenia
Weak D and DEL alleles detected by routine SNaPshot genotyping: identification of four novel RHD alleles
Cardiovascular and demographic characteristics in whole blood and plasma donors: results from the Donor InSight study
The cost-effectiveness of introducing nucleic acid testing to test for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and human immunodeficiency virus among blood donors in Sweden
Time to rethink clinically important outcomes in platelet transfusion trials
Current problems and future directions of transfusion-induced alloimmunization: summary of an NHLBI working group
Core temperature changes in red blood cells
Viable hematopoietic progenitor cells in frozen femoral heads from living donors for orthopedic surgery
Alternate analysis strategies for retrospective assessment of outcomes with a male donor–only plasma policy
Response to “Alternate analysis strategies for retrospective assessment of outcomes with a male donor-only plasma policy” by Welsby, Stafford-Smith, and Phillips-Bute
Pathogen reduction technique for fresh-frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate, and plasma fraction minipools prepared in disposable processing bag systems
Reply and update: kills 99% of known germs