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When should tests for unexpected antibodies be done during pregnancy?
Cesium cessation? An advantage of pathogen reduction treatments
The Timken Tank
Continuing Medical Education Program in Transfusion
Severe hemolytic disease of fetus and newborn caused by red blood cell antibodies undetected at first-trimester screening (CME)
Molecular analysis of the York antigen of the Knops blood group system
Inactivation of human white blood cells in platelet products after pathogen reduction technology treatment in comparison to gamma irradiation
Use of hemovigilance data to evaluate the effectiveness of diversion and bacterial detection
Contribution to safety of immunoglobulin and albumin from virus partitioning and inactivation by cold ethanol fractionation: a data collection from Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association member companies
Reducing costs in flow-cytometric counting of residual white blood cells in blood products: utilization of a single-platform bead-free flow-rate calibration method
Peroxiredoxin-2 as a candidate biomarker to test oxidative stress levels of stored red blood cells under blood bank conditions
The effects of long-term storage of human red blood cells on the glutathione synthesis rate and steady-state concentration
In vivo viability of stored red blood cells derived from riboflavin plus ultraviolet light–treated whole blood
A comprehensive program to minimize platelet outdating
Evaluation of algorithms for the diagnostic assessment and the reentry of blood donors who tested reactive for antibodies against hepatitis B core antigen
The influence of maintaining the correct whole blood-to-anticoagulant ratio during donation on the quality of leukoreduced whole blood
Hepatitis B and residual risk of infection in English and Welsh blood donors, 1996 through 2008
Characteristics of post donation information donors and comparison with appropriately deferred donors
Interventions to reduce the vasovagal reaction rate in young whole blood donors
Improved safety for young whole blood donors with new selection criteria for total estimated blood volume
Occult hepatitis B virus infection in Thai blood donors
Short-term deviations in temperature during storage of plasma at −40°C do not affect its quality
Nonleukemic myeloid dendritic cells obtained from autologous stem cell products elicit antileukemia responses in patients with acute myeloid leukemia
Transmission of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease by blood transfusion: risk factor or possible biases
Down regulation of human natural killer cell–mediated cytolysis induced by blood transfusion: role of transforming growth factor-β1, soluble Fas ligand, and soluble Class I human leukocyte antigen
Rejuvenation capacity of red blood cells in additive solutions over long-term storage
A shear-based assay for assessing plasma ADAMTS13 activity and inhibitors in patients with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
Comparison between bacterial growth in platelets (PLTs) washed with M-sol and that in PLT-rich plasma
Asystole during stem cell apheresis in a young healthy female volunteer donor
H1N1 vaccination and false-positive test results for hepatitis B core antibody in health workers