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Phlebotomy or bloodletting: from tradition to evidence-based medicine
Good evidence begets good policy: or so it should be
Hemoglobin C acquired through exchange transfusion
Odds ratios simplified
Erythrocytapheresis versus phlebotomy in the initial treatment of HFE hemochromatosis patients: results from a randomized trial
Cost-effectiveness of additional blood screening tests in the Netherlands
Hemolysis of red blood cells during processing and storage
Changes in coagulation factor activity and content of di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate in frozen plasma units during refrigerated storage for up to five days after thawing
Evaluation of the automated collection and extended storage of apheresis platelets in additive solution
Cell quality of apheresis-derived platelets treated with riboflavin-ultraviolet light after resuspension in platelet additive solution
Allogeneic single-donor cryoseal produced from fresh-frozen quarantine apheresis plasma as alternative for multidonor or autologous fibrin sealants
Comparison of the in vitro storage properties of Amicus apheresis platelets collected using single- and double-needle procedures from the same donors
Storage of thawed plasma for a liquid plasma bank: impact of temperature and methylene blue pathogen inactivation
Effects of granulocyte–colony-stimulating factor on Monosomy 7 aneuploidy in healthy hematopoietic stem cell and granulocyte donors
Hematopoietic stem cells from poor and good mobilizers are qualitatively equivalent
Flow cytometry assessment of apoptotic CD34+ cells by annexin V labeling may improve prediction of cord blood potency for engraftment
Demographics of apheresis platelet donors in five blood centers in China
Transfusion-related acute lung injury prevention measures and their impact at Canadian Blood Services
Allergic agonists in apheresis platelet products are associated with allergic transfusion reactions
Long-term follow-up among Danish transfusion recipients identified in the national hepatitis C lookback
Acute exacerbation of subclinical pulmonary fibrosis after red blood cell transfusion: a case report
Trypanosoma cruzi: seroprevalence detected in the blood bank of the Instituto Nacional de Pediatría, Mexico City, in the period 2004 through 2009
Continuing Medical Education Program in Transfusion
Serologic characteristics of ceftriaxone antibodies in 25 patients with drug-induced immune hemolytic anemia (CME)
Implication of transfected cell lines for the detection of alloantibodies against human neutrophil antigen-3
Anti-U-like as an alloantibody in S−s−U− and S−s−U+var black people
FCGR3B * 03 allele inheritance pattern in Brazilian families and some new variants of gene FCGR3B
Providing ABO-identical platelets and cryoprecipitate to (almost) all patients: approach, logistics, and associated decreases in transfusion reaction and red blood cell alloimmunization incidence
Red blood cell transfusions and tissue oxygenation in anemic hematology outpatients
Plasticizers excreted in urine: indication of autologous blood transfusion in sports
Storage time of blood products and transfusion-related acute lung injury
European regulations on cord blood banking: an overview
Plasticizer detection in urine samples after autologous blood transfusion
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Is the INR a reliable test for decreased thrombin generation?
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Patrick Loudon Mollison