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Optimizing red blood cell transfusion therapy in the 21st century: the power of data analysis for past understanding and future guidance
Warfarin reversal: schism between clinical practice and published guidelines
Data distribution: normal or abnormal? Why it matters
Hemolytic transfusion reaction mimicked by occult retroperitoneal bleeding
Ten-year pattern of red blood cell use in the North of England
Continuing Medical Education Program in Transfusion
Clinical experience with oral versus intravenous vitamin K for warfarin reversal (CME)
Heterogeneity of F cells in β-thalassemia
Laboratory evaluation of rapid test kits to detect hepatitis C antibody for use in predonation screening in emergency settings
Blood donors implicated in transfusion-related acute lung injury with patient-specific HLA antibodies are more broadly sensitized to HLA antigens compared to other blood donors
Donor performance of combat readiness skills of special forces soldiers are maintained immediately after whole blood donation
Analysis of donor deferral at three blood centers in Brazil
The low-prevalence Rh antigen STEM (RH49) is encoded by two different RHCE*ce818T alleles that are often in cis to RHD * DOL
The mutation spectrum of the JK-null phenotype in the Chinese population
The αIIb p.Leu841Met (Cab3a+) polymorphism results in a new human platelet alloantigen involved in neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia
A specific time course for mobilization of peripheral blood CD34+ cells after plerixafor injection in very poor mobilizer patients: impact on the timing of the apheresis procedure
Hematologic, immunologic reconstitution, and outcome of 342 autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantations after cryopreservation in a −80°C mechanical freezer and preserved less than 6 months
Coagulation profile of liquid-state plasma
The role of bicarbonate in platelet additive solution for apheresis platelet concentrates stored with low residual plasma
Quantitative and qualitative analysis of coagulation factors in cryoprecipitate prepared from fresh-frozen plasma inactivated with amotosalen and ultraviolet A light
Frequency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase–deficient red blood cell units in a metropolitan transfusion service
Stored platelets alter glycerophospholipid and sphingolipid species, which are differentially transferred to newly released extracellular vesicles
Effect of inositol hexaphosphate–loaded red blood cells (RBCs) on the rheology of sickle RBCs
Effect of storage on levels of nitric oxide metabolites in platelet preparations
Analysis of prolonged storage on coagulation Factor (F)V, FVII, and FVIII in thawed plasma: is it time to extend the expiration date beyond 5 days?
Protein composition of clots detected in pooled cryoprecipitate units
Comparative in vitro evaluation of apheresis platelets stored with 100% plasma versus bicarbonated Ringer's solution with less than 5% plasma
Does early initiation of therapeutic plasma exchange improve outcome in pediatric stem cell transplant–associated thrombotic microangiopathy?
Comparative in vitro analysis of different hematopoietic cell populations from human cord blood: in search of the best option for clinically oriented ex vivo cell expansion
US public cord blood banking practices: recruitment, donation, and the timing of consent
Immunoglobulin-resistant delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction treated with rituximab in an adult sickle cell patient