Infectivity of occult hepatitis B from two different points of view
May-Hegglin anomaly in a patient with human immunodeficiency virus infection: relevance of the peripheral blood film examination
The costs of transfusion: economic evaluations in transfusion medicine, Part 1
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Residual risk of transfusion-transmitted hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection caused by blood components derived from donors with occult HBV infection in Japan
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Modeling the transmission risk of emerging infectious diseases through blood transfusion
Investigating the prevalence of transfusion transmission of Plasmodium within a hyperendemic blood donation system
The residual risk of transfusion-related acute lung injury at the American Red Cross (2008-2011): limitations of a predominantly male-donor plasma mitigation strategy
Continuing Medical Education Program in Transfusion
The effectiveness and safety of fixed low-dose prothrombin complex concentrates in patients requiring urgent reversal of warfarin (CME)
The effect of blood transfusion on cerebral hemodynamics in preterm infants
The effect of frequent whole blood donation on ferritin, hepcidin, and subclinical atherosclerosis
African culturally and linguistically diverse communities’ blood donation intentions in Australia: integrating knowledge into the theory of planned behavior
Processed residual pump blood in cardiac surgery: the Processed Residual Blood in Cardiac surgery trial
Stability of Coxiella burnetii in stored human blood
The value of screening signal-to-cutoff ratios for hepatitis C virus antibody confirmation
A prospective study on the efficacy of mobilization of autologous peripheral stem cells in pediatric oncohematology patients
High acceptance rate of hybrid allogeneic–autologous umbilical cord blood banking among actual and potential Swiss donors
Enhanced shear-induced platelet aggregation due to low-temperature storage
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Déjà-vu all over again: using simulation to evaluate the impact of shorter shelf life for red blood cells at Héma-Québec
RHD and RHCE variant and zygosity genotyping via multiplex ligation–dependent probe amplification
The JR blood group system (ISBT 032): molecular characterization of three new null alleles
Postnatal outcome in neonates with severe Rhesus c compared to Rhesus D hemolytic disease
Cyclosporin A therapy on idiopathic thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in the relapse setting: two case reports and a review of the literature
Practical coagulation for the blood banker
A patient-oriented risk–benefit analysis of pathogen-inactivated blood components: application to apheresis platelets in the United States
A novel 519_525dup mutation of KLF1 gene identified in a Chinese blood donor with Lu(a–b–) phenotype
Cold case reopened: the missing human inflammatory cytokine response to transfusion
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