Themed issue: immunohematology and blood group genomics
Does recipient inflammation contribute to red blood cell alloimmunization?
Routine non-ABO blood group antigen genotyping in sickle cell disease: the new frontier in pretransfusion testing?
Alloimmunization in sickle cell disease: changing antibody specificities and association with chronic pain and decreased survival
Changing practice: red blood cell typing by molecular methods for patients with sickle cell disease
Hyperhemolysis syndrome in patients with sickle cell anemia: report of three cases
Barriers to using molecularly typed minority red blood cell donors in support of chronically transfused adult patients with sickle cell disease
Short duplication within the RHCE gene associated with an in cis deleted RHD causing a Rhnull amorph phenotype in an immunized pregnant woman with anti-Rh29
RHD variants in Flanders, Belgium
A comparison of methods for the detection of the r′s haplotype
RH diversity in Mali: characterization of a new haplotype RHD*DIVa/RHCE*ceTI(D2)
Extensive functional analyses of RHD splice site variants: Insights into the potential role of splicing in the physiology of Rh
Evaluation of different testing methods for identification of RhIG in red blood cell antibody detection
SARA: a “new” low-frequency MNS antigen (MNS47) provides further evidence of the extreme diversity of the MNS blood group system
Impact of genetic variation in the SMIM1 gene on Vel expression levels
A new ABCG2 null allele with a 27-kb deletion including the promoter region causing the Jr(a−) phenotype
Anti-K formation is not associated with the storage time of transfused red blood cells
Female sex of older patients is an independent risk factor for red blood cell alloimmunization after transfusion
The prevalence of anti-K in Canadian prenatal patients
CD44 antibody–mediated amelioration of murine immune thrombocytopenia (ITP): mouse background determines the effect of FcγRIIb genetic disruption
A monoclonal antibody with anti-D–like activity in murine immune thrombocytopenia requires Fc domain function for immune thrombocytopenia ameliorative effects
Impact of priming on the response of neutrophils to human neutrophil alloantigen-3a antibodies
A multicenter study on the performance of a fully automated, walk-away high-throughput analyzer for pretransfusion testing in the US population
Western immunoblotting as a new tool for investigating direct antiglobulin test–negative autoimmune hemolytic anemias
Noninvasive fetal genotyping of human platelet antigen-1a using targeted massively parallel sequencing
Resolving the daratumumab interference with blood compatibility testing
When blood transfusion medicine becomes complicated due to interference by monoclonal antibody therapy
Red blood cell Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen expression and galectin-3 plasma concentrations in Streptococcus pneumoniae –associated hemolytic uremic syndrome and hemolytic anemia
Training students in serologic reaction grading increased perceptions of self-efficacy and ability to recognize serologic reactions but decreased grading accuracy
A new Rhnull allele in francophone Quebecers
A novel B allele with c.502C>G mutation identified in a Chinese individual
A new low-frequency alloantigen (Khab) located on platelet glycoprotein IIIa as a cause of maternal sensitization leading to neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia
A serologic weakly reactive RhD is caused by a RHD 374T>A (Ile125Asn)
Molecular genetic analysis of para-Bombay phenotype in Chinese persons: a novel FUT1 allele is identified
Novel ABO gene variants caused by missense mutations in Exon 7 leading to discrepant ABO blood typing results