Masthead and Table of Contents
Transfusion support in acute leukemia
To Fe, or not to Fe
Electronically generated chart as a quality initiative for the massive hemorrhage protocol review
Understanding non‐inferiority trials and tests for the non‐statistician
Red blood cell transfusion‐transmitted acute hepatitis E in an immunocompetent subject in Europe
Prevalence of hepatitis E virus infection among blood donors in mainland China
Cost‐effectiveness of the screening of blood donations for hepatitis E virus in the Netherlands
Hepatitis E risks
The association of elevated alanine aminotransferase levels with hepatitis E virus infections among blood donors in China
Unique clinical courses of transfusion‐transmitted hepatitis E in patients with immunosuppression
Wide variations in blood product transfusion practices among providers who care for patients with acute leukemia in the United States
Blood transfusion in hematologic intensive care unit
Continuing Medical Education Program in Transfusion
The effect of iron balance on platelet counts in blood donors
An association between ABO group and HLA antibody detection
Improved donor safety in high‐volume apheresis collections
Citrate metabolism in red blood cells stored in additive solution‐3
Reduced MHC alloimmunization and partial tolerance protection with pathogen reduction of whole blood
Value of calcium and phosphate in a bicarbonate‐containing platelet additive solution with low plasma levels in maintaining key in vitro platelet storage parameters
Restrictive versus liberal red blood cell transfusion strategy after hip surgery
Adequacy of physician documentation and correlation with assessment of transfusion appropriateness
A Jordanian family with three sisters apparently homozygous for M k and evidence for clinical significance of antibodies produced by M k M k individuals
Red blood cell alloimmunization in patients with sickle cell disease
No association between frequent apheresis donation and risk of fractures
Granulocytapheresis with modified fluid gelatin versus high‐molecular‐weight hydroxyethyl starch
Prevalence, incidence, and risk factors of human immunodeficiency virus infection in blood donors in the Southeastern United States
A two‐step screening approach for the identification of blood donors with highly and broadly neutralizing capacities against human cytomegalovirus
Validation of the multiplex ligation‐dependent probe amplification assay and its application on the distribution study of the major alleles of 17 blood group systems in Chinese donors from Guangzhou
A new clinical‐scale serum‐free xeno‐free medium efficient in ex vivo amplification of mesenchymal stromal cells does not support mesenchymal stem cells
Perioperative blood transfusion
The effect of a standard whole blood donation on oxygen uptake and exercise capacity
Warm‐reactive (immunoglobulin G) autoantibodies and laboratory testing best practices
Hemovigilance in Massachusetts and the adoption of statewide hospital blood bank reporting using the National Healthcare Safety Network
The RHCE*Ce(501A) allele encodes the PARG antigen (RH60)
A novel KEL silencing allele in a Brazilian patient with anti‐Ku
Classification of posttransfusion adverse events using a Web‐based algorithm