Masthead and Table of Contents
Residual risk of bacterial contamination : what are the options?
Iron : a double‐edged sword
From cytokines to pragmatic designs : changing paradigms
Acanthocytes in the McLeod phenotype of X‐linked chronic granulomatous disease
Delayed presentation of a septic transfusion reaction
How do we perform and bill for blood bank physician consultative services?
One‐ and two‐sample t tests
Addressing the risk of bacterial contamination in platelets : a hospital economic perspective
An international investigation into O red blood cell unit administration in hospitals : the GRoup O Utilization Patterns (GROUP) study
Parenteral irons versus transfused red blood cells for treatment of anemia during canine experimental bacterial pneumonia
Cases of transfusion‐transmitted babesiosis occurring in nonendemic areas : a diagnostic dilemma
Transient hemolysis due to anti‐D and anti‐A1 produced by engrafted donor's lymphocytes after allogeneic unmanipulated haploidentical hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Comparison of biosimilar filgrastim, originator filgrastim, and lenograstim for autologous stem cell mobilization in patients with multiple myeloma
Impact of lenalidomide‐based induction therapy on the mobilization of CD34+ cells, blood graft cellular composition, and post‐transplant recovery in myeloma patients : a prospective multicenter study
Platelet storage performance is consistent by donor : a pilot study comparing “good” and “poor” storing platelets
Effect of solvent/detergent‐treated pooled plasma on fibrinolysis in reconstituted whole blood
Safety of a pasteurized plasma‐derived Factor VIII and von Willebrand factor concentrate : analysis of 33 years of pharmacovigilance data
Inactivation of Babesia microti in red blood cells and platelet concentrates
Improved yield of minimal proportional sample volume platelet bacterial culture
Low prevalence of hepatitis C virus RNA in blood donors with anti‐hepatitis C virus reactivity in Rwanda
A motivational interview promotes retention of blood donors with high internal motivation
The operational implications of donor behaviors following enrollment in STRIDE (Strategies to Reduce Iron Deficiency in blood donors)
Facilitating donor compliance with strategies to prevent vasovagal reactions : comparison of web‐based and in‐center approaches
The effect of World Blood Donor Day on digital information seeking and donor recruitment
Mitigation of the threat posed to transfusion by donors traveling to Zika‐affected areas : a Canadian risk‐based approach
Comparison of donor and general population demographics over time : a BEST Collaborative group study
Implementation of a new blood cooler insert and tracking technology with educational initiatives and its effect on reducing red blood cell wastage
Implementing a protocol to optimize blood use in a cardiac surgery service : results of a pre‐post analysis and the impact of high‐volume blood users
D antibodies in pregnant women in multiethnic Suriname : the observational RheSuN study
Prevalence of positive direct antiglobulin test and clinical outcomes in Surinamese newborns from D‐negative women
Influence of cryoprecipitate, Factor XIII, and fibrinogen concentrate on hyperfibrinolysis
Continuing Medical Education Program in Transfusion
Central venous catheter placement in coagulopathic patients : risk factors and incidence of bleeding complications
Obstetric hemorrhage and safe blood for transfusion in Ethiopia : the challenges of bridging the gap
Rituximab for thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura : lessons from the STAR trial
Possible TRALI is a real entity
Serologic and molecular characterization of weak D type 29
An evaluation of storage time for dithiothreitol‐treated reagent cells
Nucleic acid extraction from buccal tissue for prediction of red blood cell phenotype
Iron deficiency in blood donors : perceptions and management among general practitioners and internists
Traveling treatment : medical tourism in the emerging era of potentially transmissible therapeutics
Red blood cell sedimentation of Apheresis Granulocytes