Efficient repetitive alteration of the mouse Huntington's disease gene by management of background in the tag and exchange gene targeting strategy
Co-suppression mediated virus resistance in transgenic tobacco plants harboring the 3′-untranslated region of Andean potato mottle virus
Uteroglobin promoter-targeted c-MYC expression in transgenic mice cause hyperplasia of Clara cells and malignant transformation of T-lymphoblasts and tubular epithelial cells
T-DNA activation tagging as a tool to isolate regulators of a metabolic pathway from a genetically non-tractable plant species
Effect of DNA concentration on transgenesis rates in mice and pigs
Synergistic activity of endochitinase and exochitinase from Trichoderma atroviride (T. harzianum) against the pathogenic fungus (Venturia inaequalis) in transgenic apple plants
Spatial and temporal expression of the Cre gene under the control of the MMTV-LTR in different lines of transgenic mice
Transgenic tobacco plants expressing the maize Cat2 gene have altered catalase levels that affect plant-pathogen interactions and resistance to oxidative stress
The milk protein promoter is a useful tool for developing a rat with tolerance to a human protein
Production of transgenic miniature pigs by pronuclear microinjection
Indexes to Volume 10 (2001)
Indexes to Volume 10 (2001)