Expression of the high capacity calcium-binding domain of calreticulin increases bioavailable calcium stores in plants
No Credible Scientific Evidence is Presented to Support Claims that Transgenic DNA was Introgressed into Traditional Maize Landraces in Oaxaca, Mexico
Expression of a Synthetic Porcine α-Lactalbumin Gene in the Kernels of Transgenic Maize
Conditional gene expression in the respiratory epithelium of the mouse
Resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus in transgenic wheat engineered with the viral coat protein gene
Rapid and accurate determination of zygosity in transgenic animals by real-time quantitative PCR
Expressing creatine kinase in transgenic tobacco – a first step towards introducing an energy buffering system in plants
Expression of a single-chain Fv antibody fragment specific for the Hepatitis B surface antigen in transgenic tobacco plants
Ubiquitous expression of goat cyclin T1 in transgenic mice
Transformation vector based on promoter and intron sequences of a replacement histone H3 gene. A tool for high, constitutive gene expression in plants
Transgenic animal technology turns 21 but is it ready for adult responsibilities?
Structural and functional studies with the Sleeping Beauty transposon system in vertebrate
Regulated control of transgene expression
Pharmaceutical production in the semen of transgenic pigs
Reprogrammed gene expression in a somatic cell-free extract
Inefficient reprogramming of donor genomic DNA after somatic cell nuclear transfer
The foetus, the placenta and high birth weights
Development of biopharmaceuticals from cloned transgenic cattle
Gene targeting in livestock
Efficiency of porcine somatic cell nuclear transfer
The good reasons to generate transgenic rabbits
Transgenic pigs producing salivary phytase
Comparative development of transmitochondrial animals using mitochondrial injection and ES cell cybrid technologies
Transgenesis in the frog Xenopus laevis
Avian primordial germ cells
Primordial germ cells, embryonic stem cells and transgenic poultry
The effect of RecA on the efficiency of transgenic animal production
Transgenic non-human primates
Genetic model of human disease
Embryo cell cultures for cell-mediated gene transfer and the production of transgenic zebrafish
Familiarity breeds consensus
Sperm-mediated gene transfer
Closing comments
Efficacy of the salmon metallothionein promoter driving expression of the Pacific salmon growth hormone gene (pOnMTGH1) for growth promotion in Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes)
Electroporation using a radio frequency pulse as an efficient means of gene transfer in Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes)
General methods of ecological risk assessment of GM organisms
Characterization of chicken primordial germ cells in long-term culture in vitro
Production of interspecific embryonic germline chimeras by the intravascular transfer of gonadal PGCs
Avian transgenisis by manipulation of primordial germ cells (PGCs)
Migration and proliferation of chicken primordial germ cells following transplantation into the stage X Japanese quail embryos
High transmission efficiency of germline chimerism using cultured gonadal primordial germ cells in chicken
In vitro development of porcine nuclear transplanted embryos from in vitro and in vivo matured cytoplasts
Cloned pig embryo undergoes a demethylation process
Expression of GFP gene introduced into porcine in vitro matured oocytes by intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Retrieval of transgenic lines of pigs following spermatozoa cryopreservation and artificial insemination
Effect of fructose and its combination effect with glucose on in vitro development of bovine nuclear transferred embryos
Pregnancy-specific protein B in serum of nuclear transfer pregnancies in the bovine
Advantages and limits of using the ubiquitous expressed EF1alpha promoter for transgenesis in vivo and in vitro in rabbit
Attempt to produce transgenic rabbit using somatic cell nuclear transferred chimeric embryos
Increased expression of differentiation markers in adipose tissue of oMt1a-oGH transgenic mice
Transgene of myostatin pro domain dramatically increases muscle development and carcass weight in mice
Corticosterone and leptin modulate fertility in oMt1a-oGH transgenic mice
Expression of trout lysozyme type II in mammary gland of transgenic mice may confer resistance against mastitis
In vitro developmental potential of parthenogenetic-activated and nuclear-transferred in vivo matured oocytes collected by laparoscopic follicular aspiration
Production of human interferon α-2b in theegg whiteof transgenic hens
The mariner transposable element as a potential vector in the production of transgenic chickens
Modification of the complete chicken lysozyme gene by poxvirus mediated recombination
Transfection of stage X blastoderm in vivo by electroporation
Position-independent and tissue specific expression of a porcine whey acidic protein gene from bacterial artificial chromosome in transgenic mice
Problems with introns
Clinical case study
Generation of transgenic pigs by sperm-mediated gene transfer using a linker protein (mAbC)
A novel and highly effective method to generate transgenic mice and chickens
Improvement of generating transgenic goat efficiency by microinjection of high copy numbers of transgene in the nuclear of 1-cell stage embryos
Sperm-mediated gene transfer
Development of transgenic cattle with enhanced milk casein levels by nuclear transfer