Safety, Risk and the Precautionary Principle
Concerted Action of Endogenous and Heterologous Phytase on Phytic Acid Degradation in Seed of Transgenic Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Mono-allelic Expression of Variegating Transgene Locus in the Mouse
Transgenic Tobacco and Apple Plants Expressing Biotin-binding Proteins are Resistant to two Cosmopolitan Insect Pests, Potato Tuber Moth and Lightbrown Apple Moth, Respectively
Expression of the B Subunit of E. coli Heat-labile Enterotoxin in the Chloroplasts of Plants and its Characterization
Heterogeneous Inducible Mammary-specific Expression of JAB/SOCS1 in Lactating Transgenic Mice is Associated with no Obvious Phenotype, even at the Cellular Level
Transgenic Expression of the Arabidopsis DELLA Proteins GAI and gai Confers Altered Gibberellin Response in Tobacco
Transgenic Tobacco Expressing Pinellia ternata Agglutinin Confers Enhanced Resistance to Aphids
The Insulator Effect of the 5′HS4 Region from the β-globin Chicken Locus on the Rabbit WAP Gene Promoter Activity in Transgenic Mice
Predicting the Spread of Herbicide Resistance in Australian Canola Fields
A Simple and Convenient Method for Preparing Chimeric Animals from Embryonic stem (ES) Cells
Utility of a C57BL/6 ES line versus 129 ES lines for Targeted Mutations in Mice
Early Parity Significantly Elevates Mammary Tumor Incidence in MMTV-c-myc Transgenic Mice
The Potential Benefits of Insulators on Heterologous Constructs in Transgenic Animals
Indexes to Volume 12 (2003)
Indexes to Volume 12 (2003)