Sequences of transgene insertion sites in transgenic F4 common carp
Analysis of Arabidopsis PsbQ A gene expression in transgenic tobacco reveals differential role of its promoter and transcribed region in organ-specific and light-mediated regulation
A ROS repressor-mediated binary regulation system for control of gene expression in transgenic plants
Transgenic mice over-expressing endothelin-1 in testis transactivated by a Cre/loxP system showed decreased testicular capillary blood flow
Prototype demonstration of transgenic resistance to the nematode Radopholus similis conferred on banana by a cystatin
Bi-directional duplex promoters with duplicated enhancers significantly increase transgene expression in grape and tobacco
Transgenic mouse line with green-fluorescent protein-labeled centrin 2 allows visualization of the centrosome in living cells
Field safety assessment of recombination in transgenic grapevines expressing the coat protein gene of Grapevine fanleaf virus
Transgenic potatoes expressing a novel cationic peptide are resistant to late blight and pink rot
Simple method of zygosity identification in transgenic mice by real-time quantitative PCR
Transgenic rice as a vehicle for the production of the industrial enzyme transglutaminase
Transgenic animal technology