Analysis of the Maize Polyubiquitin-1 Promoter Heat Shock Elements and Generation of Promoter Variants with Modified Expression Characteristics
Production of Transgenic Tilapia with Brockmann Bodies Secreting [desThrB30] Human Insulin
T7 RNA Polymerase-Directed Expression of an Antibody Fragment Transgene in Plastids Causes a Semi-Lethal Pale-Green Seedling Phenotype
Quantitative Phenotyping as an Efficient Means to Estimate C-Cell Number in a Knock-in Mouse Model of MEN2B
A Comparison of Constitutive Promoters for Expression of Transgenes in Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa)
Rederivation of Transgenic and Gene-Targeted Mice by Embryo Transfer
Effect of Down-Regulation of Ethylene Biosynthesis on Fruit Flavor Complex in Apple Fruit
Overexpression of GSK3βS9A Resulted in Tau Hyperphosphorylation and Morphology Reminiscent of Pretangle-Like Neurons in the Brain of PDGSK3β Transgenic Mice