The 5′HS4 insulator element is an efficient tool to analyse the transient expression of an Eμ-GFP vector in a transgenic mouse model
Genetic engineering of peppermint for improved essential oil composition and yield
Transgenic expression of CTLA4-Ig by fetal pig neurons for xenotransplantation
Production of dextran in transgenic potato plants
The protein structure of recombinant human lactoferrin produced in the milk of transgenic cows closely matches the structure of human milk-derived lactoferrin*
Inducible expression in plants by virus-mediated transgene activation
Increased transgene integration efficiency upon microinjection of DNA into both pronuclei of rabbit embryos
Hahb-4, a sunflower homeobox-leucine zipper gene, is a developmental regulator and confers drought tolerance to Arabidopsis thaliana plants
Transgene transmission to progeny by oMt1a-oGH transgenic mice
Risk analysis for plant-made vaccines
Biosynthesis and cocoon-export of a recombinant globular protein in transgenic silkworms
Wheat containing snowdrop lectin (GNA) does not affect infection of the cereal aphid Metopolophium dirhodum by the fungal natural enemy Pandora neoaphidis
A generic tool for biotinylation of tagged proteins in transgenic mice
Program and abstracts of the 6th Transgenic Technology Meeting (TT2005)