Six Years after the commercial introduction of Bt maize in Spain
Transgenic plants for insect pest control
Homologous recombination in zebrafish ES cells
Local Cre-Mediated gene recombination in vascular smooth muscle cells in mice
Dynamic control of oligosaccharide modification in the mammary gland
Enhanced resistance to Botrytis cinerea mediated by the transgenic expression of the chitinase gene ch5B in strawberry
Evaluation of transgenic ‘Chardonnay’ (Vitis vinifera) containing magainin genes for resistance to crown gall and powdery mildew
Activation of the pathogen-inducible Gst1 promoter of potato after elicitation by Venturia inaequalis and Erwinia amylovora in transgenic apple (Malus × domestica)
Production of trans-10, cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid in rice
Variable recombination efficiency in responder transgenes activated by Cre recombinase in the vasculature
Assessment of the effectiveness of a nuclear-launched TMV-based replicon as a tool for foreign gene expression in plants in comparison to direct gene expression from a nuclear promoter
Meeting report and abstracts of the 2005 UC Davis Transgenic Animal Research Conference V