The hard cell(s) of avian transgenesis
Comparative spatial spread overtime of Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus (ZYMV) and Watermelon Mosaic Virus (WMV) in fields of transgenic squash expressing the coat protein genes of ZYMV and WMV, and in fields of nontransgenic squash
Over-expression of PDGF-C using a lung specific promoter results in abnormal lung development
Insights into recognition of the T-DNA border repeats as termination sites for T-strand synthesis by Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Overexpression of Nd1, a novel Kelch family protein, in the heart of transgenic mice protects against doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy
Functional analysis of the split Synechocystis DnaE intein in plant tissues by biolistic particle bombardment
Transgenic mice expressing PAX3-FKHR have multiple defects in muscle development, including ectopic skeletal myogenesis in the developing neural tube
Generation of Mercury-Hyperaccumulating Plants through Transgenic Expression of the Bacterial Mercury Membrane Transport Protein MerC
High level expression of tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase in the milk of transgenic rabbits
Transformation of poplar (Populus alba) plastids and expression of foreign proteins in tree chloroplasts
Selective expression of an aP2/Fatty Acid Binding Protein4-Cre transgene in non-adipogenic tissues during embryonic development