A multidisciplinary approach directed towards the commercial release of transgenic herbicide-tolerant rice in Costa Rica
Pollen-mediated intraspecific gene flow from herbicide resistant oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)
New technology for an old favorite
Metabolic engineering of carotenoid accumulation by creating a metabolic sink
Stability of Potato virus X expression vectors is related to insert size
Development of a tightly regulated and highly inducible ecdysone receptor gene switch for plants through the use of retinoid X receptor chimeras
Position independent and copy-number-related expression of the bovine neonatal Fc receptor α-chain in transgenic mice carrying a 102 kb BAC genomic fragment
A wheat genomic DNA fragment reduces pollen transmission of maize transgenes by reducing pollen viability
Fusion proteins comprising the catalytic domain of mutansucrase and a starch-binding domain can alter the morphology of amylose-free potato starch granules during biosynthesis
Excision of the Frt-flanked neo R cassette from the CD19cre knock-in transgene reduces Cre-mediated recombination
Transgenic embryos and mice produced from low titre lentiviral vectors
A simple qPCR-based method to detect correct insertion of homologous targeting vectors in murine ES cells
The 7th Transgenic Technology meeting