Genetically modified crops for the bioeconomy
RNA interference for wheat functional gene analysis
A passage through in vitro culture leads to efficient production of marker-free transgenic plants in Brassica juncea using the Cre–loxP system
Biologically active human GM-CSF produced in the seeds of transgenic rice plants
Renal phenotype in heterozygous Lmx1b knockout mice (Lmx1b +/−) after unilateral nephrectomy
Improvement of the pBI121 plant expression vector by leader replacement with a sequence combining a poly(CAA) and a CT motif
Enhanced conversion of plant biomass into glucose using transgenic rice-produced endoglucanase for cellulosic ethanol
Derivation and comparison of C57BL/6 embryonic stem cells to a widely used 129 embryonic stem cell line
Chemically inducible expression of the PHB biosynthetic pathway in Arabidopsis
Germ line transmission and expression of an RNAi cassette in mice generated by a lentiviral vector system
Bitrophic and tritrophic effects of Bt Cry3A transgenic potato on beneficial, non-target, beetles
Nicotiana glauca engineered for the production of ketocarotenoids in flowers and leaves by expressing the cyanobacterial crtO ketolase gene
A mouse transgene drives embryonic dorsal posterior commissure expression
The commonly used β-actin-GFP transgenic mouse strain develops a distinct type of glomerulosclerosis
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