Transcriptional activation of Cor/Lea genes and increase in abiotic stress tolerance through expression of a wheat DREB2 homolog in transgenic tobacco
Transplastomic tobacco plants expressing a fatty acid desaturase gene exhibit altered fatty acid profiles and improved cold tolerance
Prnp knockdown in transgenic mice using RNA interference
Comparison of transgenic Gerbera hybrida lines and traditional varieties shows no differences in cytotoxicity or metabolic fingerprints
Heterogeneity in the distribution of genetically modified and conventional oilseed rape within fields and seed lots
Specific pathogen free conditions prevent transthyretin amyloidosis in mouse models
Plant development inhibitory genes in binary vector backbone improve quality event efficiency in soybean transformation
Silencing of GmFAD3 gene by siRNA leads to low α-linolenic acids (18:3) of fad3-mutant phenotype in soybean [Glycine max (Merr.)],
Event-specific qualitative and quantitative PCR methods for the detection of genetically modified rapeseed Oxy-235
Milk composition studies in transgenic goats expressing recombinant human butyrylcholinesterase in the mammary gland
Defence-related gene expression in transgenic lemon plants producing an antimicrobial Trichoderma harzianum endochitinase during fungal infection
Expression of modified gene encoding functional human α-1-antitrypsin protein in transgenic tomato plants
RNA-interference in rice against Rice tungro bacilliform virus results in its decreased accumulation in inoculated rice plants
Cytokinin vectors mediate marker-free and backbone-free plant transformation
Inducible Cre recombinase activity in mouse mature astrocytes and adult neural precursor cells
Resistance of transgenic tobacco plants incorporating the putative 57-kDa polymerase read-through gene of Tobacco rattle virus against rub-inoculated and nematode-transmitted virus
Prey mediated effects of Bt maize on fitness and digestive physiology of the red spider mite predator Stethorus punctillum Weise (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)
Generation and characterization of a GFP transgenic rat line for embryological research
A high-throughput Agrobacterium-mediated transformation system for the grass model species Brachypodium distachyon L.
A high-throughput Agrobacterium-mediated transformation system for the grass model species Brachypodium distachyon L.
Identifying and genotyping transgene integration loci
Improved plant transformation vectors for fluorescent protein tagging
Immunohistochemical staining for tilapia and human insulin demonstrates that a tilapia transgenic for humanized insulin is a mosaic
Program and Abstracts of the 8th Transgenic Technology Meeting (TT2008)