The analysis of metastasis in transgenic mouse models
Accelerated ageing
Genetic transformation of the sugar beet plastome
Targeted modulation of sinapine biosynthesis pathway for seed quality improvement in Brassica napus
Impairment of germline transmission after blastocyst injection with murine embryonic stem cells cultured with mouse hepatitis virus and mouse minute virus
Expression of Dm-AMP1 in rice confers resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae and Rhizoctonia solani
Mycoplasma contamination of murine embryonic stem cells affects cell parameters, germline transmission and chimeric progeny
Ripening in papaya fruit is altered by ACC oxidase cosuppression
Design and synthesis of a Magainin2 fusion protein gene suitable for a mammalian expression system
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Transgenic mimicry of pathogen attack stimulates growth and secondary metabolite accumulation
Availability of subfertile transgenic rats expressing the c-myc gene as recipients for spermatogonial transplantation
Production of mRNA from the cry1Ac transgene differs among Bollgard® lines which correlates to the level of subsequent protein