Goat RSPO1 over-expression rescues sex-reversal in Rspo1-knockout XX mice but does not perturb testis differentiation in XY or sex-reversed XX mice

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RSPO1 is a newly discovered gene involved in sex differentiation. Two goat BAC clones encompassing the RSPO1 gene (gRSPO1) were injected into mouse oocytes and several transgenic lines derived. Both clones induced gRSPO1 over-expression in various tissues, including male and female gonads, with no obvious phenotype and normal sex-ratios. Introgression of the gRSPO1 transgene into a mouse RSPO1 knockout genotype resulted in the rescue of the fertility and the disappearance of the masculinized gonadic features of the females, demonstrating the functionality of the goat protein in a mouse context. On the contrary, over-expression of gRSPO1 within a mSRY or a gSRY-XX genotypes did not interfere with the SRY-induced male phenotype.

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