Is the German suspension of MON810 maize cultivation scientifically justified?
A case of “pseudo science”? A study claiming effects of the Cry1Ab protein on larvae of the two-spotted ladybird is reminiscent of the case of the green lacewing
Transgene silencing in grapevines transformed with GFLV resistance genes
New and highly efficient expression systems for expressing selectively foreign protein in the silk glands of transgenic silkworm
Silencing potential of viral derived RNAi constructs in Tomato leaf curl virus-AC4 gene suppression in tomato
Fuzzy-logic based strategy for validation of multiplex methods
hMan2c1 transgene promotes tumor progress in mice
Comparison between volatile emissions from transgenic apples and from two representative classically bred apple cultivars
Spermidine levels are implicated in heavy metal tolerance in a spermidine synthase overexpressing transgenic European pear by exerting antioxidant activities
Characterisation of eGFP-transgenic BALB/c mouse strain established by lentiviral transgenesis
Plastid transformation in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)
Generation of mice with a conditional allele for Ift172
Meeting Report
Abstracts from the UC Davis Transgenic Animal Research Conference VII