Kinetics and mechanism of ligand interchange in the [RuIII(edta)L] complexes; L = Cysteine and related thiolates*
Addition of hydroxide to an isoelectronic series of bis-diazineplatinum(II) complex ions
Kinetics and mechanism of the iron(III)-catalyzed autoxidation of sulfur(IV) oxides in aqueous solution. The influence of pH, medium and aging
Oxidation of [Co(en)2(SOCH2CO2)]+ by S2O8 2− and by IO4 − in binary aqueous solvent mixtures at pressures up to 1.25 kbar
Salt effects on reactivities of low-spin iron(II) complexes of diazabutadiene and Schiff base ligands
Attenuation of substituent effects on reactivities of low-spin iron(II) complexes of Schiff base ligands
Ligand replacement reactions of ferrous phthalocyanine in dimethylsulphoxide
Transfer of a quadridentate N2S2 ligand from M 2+ (M =; Cr, Mn, Fe, Co or Ni) to Cu 2+
Nucleophilicity of thiols towards planar tetracoordinated platinum(II) complexes
The [CoN4(OH)(OH2)]2+ (N4 = trpn, cyclen and tren) promoted hydrolysis of the phosphotriester 2,4-dinitrophenyl diethyl phosphate
Lithium complexes and the kinetics of interactions of zinc ions with tetra(N-methyl-4-pyridyl)porphyrins in basic solution
Substitution in labile octahedral metal complexes – a retrospective view
Isokinetic relationships (IKRs) in organometallic and coordination chemistry
Redox chemistry of [Fe2(CN)10]4−. Part 5. Reaction with thiourea
The kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of seleno-DL-methionine by potassium ferrate
Structure of tetraphenylarsonium tricyano-2,2′,6′,2″-terpyridylferrate(II), AsPh4[FeII(terpy)(CN)3]; and kinetics of oxidation of the complex anion by peroxodisulfate in water and in binary aqueous mixtures
Successful application of Marcus Theory to catalysis by labile metal ions
Mechanism of lactic acid formation catalyzed by tetraamine rhodium(III) complexes
Chelate ring closure kinetics in the reaction of a platinum(II) complex with diphosphines
Stoichiometry, product and kinetics of catalytic oxidation of 2,6-dimethylphenol by bromo(N,N′-diethylethylenediamine)copper complexes in methylene chloride
Solvent effect on the kinetics of oxidation of [Co(en)2amS]2+ by IO4 −
Reaction of trans-tetracyanodioxomolybdate(IV) with salicylaldehyde as an important stage in the Schiff base ligand formation. Kinetics and mechanism
Kinetics of the reduction of MnO4 − by aqueous NH3 solutions
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