Complexation of cobalt(II) perchlorate with crown ethers. Synthesis, properties and structure of complexes of cobalt(II) perchlorate with 16-crown-5 and its lariat derivatives
Synthesis, crystal structure and property of a novel azide-bridged one-dimensional chain copper(II) complex with a dinucleating macrocyclic polyamine
Electro-optical properties of the first rhenium-hydrazone complex, fac-Re(CO)3(dpknph)*Cl
Synthesis, thermal and spectral studies of oxoperoxo and dioxo complexes of vanadium(V), molybdenum(VI) and tungsten(VI) with 2-(α-hydroxyalkyl/aryl)benzimidazole
Rhodium(I) carbonyl complexes with α-diimine ligands containing amino or hydroxy substituents
Synthesis and base hydrolysis kinetics of the nitrile complexes [Co(tetren)NCR]3+ (R = Me, Ph and p-MeOC6 H4) and the synthesis and kinetics of formation of the tetrazolato complexes [Co(tetren)N4R]2+ (R = Me and Ph≔ tetren = 1,11-diamino-3,6,9-triazaundecane) by reaction with azide ion
Preparation and spectral assignments of hexadentate chromium(III) complexes containing unsymmetrical edta-type ligands. Trans-(O5) geometrical isomer of sodium (ethylenediamine-N,N,N′-triacetato-N′-3-propionato)chromate(III) trihydrate, trans-(O5)-Na[Cr(ed3ap)]·3H2O and sodium (ethylenediamine-N-diacetato-N′-di-3-propionato)chromate(III) trihydrate, Na[Cr(μ-eddadp)]·3H2O
Platinum(II) pyridine-2-thiolate and -selenolate complexes
Antimicrobial activity studies of the binuclear metal complexes derived from tridentate Schiff base ligands
Copper(II) complexes of 4-acetamidobenzaldehyde N(4)-substituted thiosemicarbazones
New iron(III) complexes with thiosemicarbazones derived from 5-methyl-3-formylpyrazole
Generation of a heterobimetallic FeMoS system containing intermediate spin [FeIIN4S2] functionality
Hydrothermal synthesis of a mixed-valence hexamolybdate cluster
Syntheses, crystal structures and properties of copper(II) complexes of 1,3-bis[(4-methyl-5-imidazol-1-yl)ethylideneamino]propan-2-ol and 1,3-bis[(4-methyl-5-imidazol-1-yl)ethylideneamino] propane
Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial properties of Schiff bases and Schiff base metal complexes derived from 2,3-diamino-pyridine
Direct cycloauration of 1-(2-pyridylamino and 2-pyrimidinylamino)naphthalene and 2-(p-toluidino)quinoline with sodium tetrachloroaurate(III)
1D Polymeric copper(II) azido complexes. Synthesis, spectral and structural studies of [Cu(ethyl isonicotinate)2(N3)2]n and [Cu(methyl isonicotinate)2(NO3)(N3)]n complexes
Nickel(II) complexes with dicyanamide and tetramines
Copper(II) complexes of acid amide derivatives of 2-aminopyridineand an exogenous ligand
Synthesis, spectral and electrochemical studies of isomeric dichloro-bis[N(1)-ethyl-2-(arylazo)imidazole]ruthenium(II) and the reaction of the green isomer with tertiary phosphines
Manganese-quinizarin-pyrazinecarboxylic acid mixed-ligand complex in aprotic media. Formation of a manganese(III)-semiquinone binuclear species
Manganese(II) and palladium(II) complexes containing a new macrocyclic Schiff base ligand
Metal complexes of C2-symmetric chiral bipyridine ligands. X-ray structure of [bis(nitrato)(4S,5S)-2,2-dimethyl-4,5-bis(2-pyridyl)-1,3-dioxolane cobalt(II)],
Preparation and reaction of platinum(II) complexes of N,N-bis(dicyclohexylphosphinomethyl)aminomethane. Crystal structures of (Cy2PCH2)2NMe (Cy = cyclohexyl) and [PtX2{(Cy2PCH2)2NMe}], (X = Cl and I)
A cobalt molybdenum phosphate with a tunnel
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