Solubilities of iron(III) complexes of 3-hydroxy-2-ethyl-4-pyranone and of 3-hydroxy-1,2-dimethyl-4-pyridinone in aqueous salt solutions
Solvatochromism and piezochromism of dicyano-, tricyano-, and tetracyano-diimine-iron(II) complexes
A calorimetric investigation into copper–arginine and copper–alanine solid state interactions
Interaction of a new cobalt(II) complex of five-coordinated chiral porphyrin with calf thymus DNA
Magnetic, spectroscopic and biological properties of copper(II) complexes of the tridentate ligand, α-N-methyl-S-methyl-β-N-(2-pyridyl)methylenedithiocarbazate(NNS) and the X-ray crystal structure of the [Cu(NNS)I2] complex
The preparation and characterization of mono- and bis-chelated cadmium(II) complexes of the di-2-pyridylketone Schiff base of S-methyldithiocarbazate (Hdpksme) and the X-ray crystal structure of the [Cd(dpksme)2] · 0.5 MeOH complex
Coordinating properties of C2-symmetric chiral bis(oxazolinylpyridinyl)dioxolane ligands
Crystallographic and spectroscopic studies on palladium(II) complexes containing pyrazole and thiocyanate ligands
Initial state versus transition state solvation effects on the kinetics of oxidation of nickel(II) dioxocyclam by peroxodisulfate
The reactivity of a ruthenium(III) ammine complex, [Ru(NH3)5Cl]Cl2, towards α-N-heterocyclic mono- and di-carboxylic acids. The synthesis and characterisation of biologically active mixed ligand ruthenium(III) complexes
Complexation of silver(I) with different substituted diaza-18-crown-6 ethers in methanol
Stabilization of the trivalent oxidation state of copper by tetradentate imine–oxime ligands
Fluorescent chemosensors containing a Ru(tpy)2 2+ core and open-chain polyazaalkanes
Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of a quasi-two-dimensional compound [Cu(C5H4NCOO)2] · 2H2O
Symmetric binuclear complexes with an ‘end-off’* compartmental Schiff base ligand
Chemistry of oxomolybdenum(V) and (VI) complexes incorporating oxygen, nitrogen and/or sulfur donor atoms. Part 1. Synthesis and characterization of [Mo2O3L4] (LH = HSCH2CH2CO2H, HSCH2CO2Me or HSCH2CH2CO2Me) and [MoO2L′2] (L′H = HOC6H4NH2, HOCH2C6H4NH2, HOC6H4CHO or HOC10H8N)
Heterobimetallic diethanolaminate complexes of titanium and zirconium with alkaline earth metals
Twelve-, fourteen- and sixteen-membered macrocyclic ligands and a study of the effect of ring size on ligand field strength
Bimetallic complexes of a potentially pentadentate, acyclic, symmetrical compartmental Schiff base ligand that provides suitable topology for an exogenous bridge
The dangers of using KBr, KI and CaI2 as mulling agents during the preparation of infrared discs of complexes
Synthesis, spectroscopy, magnetism and X-ray structure of μ-(bipyrimidine)-bis[aqua(bipyrimidine)(saccharinato)copper(II)] bis(saccharinate) tetrahydrate
Kinetics and mechanism of the acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of [carbonatoethylenediamine(L)2cobalt(III)]+ ions
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