Bimetallic group 6 metal tetracarbonyls doubly bridged by bisphosphine and/or dithiaalkane ligands

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A series of [W(CO)4]2(μ-dppa)(μ-DTA) type complexes [dppa = Ph2P(CH2)nPPh2, n = 2(dppe), 4(dppb), 6(dpph), 10(dppd); DTA = tBuS(CH2)mStBu, m = 3(DTN), 4(DTD), 5(DTUD), 6(DTDD)] containing doubly bridged bisphosphine and dithiaalkane ligands have been prepared by stepwise replacement of piperidine (pip) from cis-W(CO)4(pip)2 complex. In addition, complexes of general formulae[W(CO)4]2(μ-dppa)2 and [Mo(CO)4]2(μ-DTA)2 have been prepared by similar methods. These new complexes have been characterized by i.r. spectroscopy and elemental analysis.

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