Soft template synthesis of macrocyclic copper(II) chelates with 3,9-dithio-4,8-diaza-6-oxaundekandithioamide-1,11 in a Cu2[Fe(CN)6]-gelatin-immobilized matrix

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The complexing processes in the triple copper(II)–dithiomalonamide–methanal system taking place in the copper(II)hexacyanoferrate(II)-gelatin-immobilized matrix in contact with aqueous alkaline solutions (pH∼12), containing dithiomalonamide and methanal, have been studied. Template synthesis leading to a macrocyclic coordination compound with the tetradentate N,N,S,S-donor ligand, (3,9-dithio-4,8-diaza-6-oxaundekandithioamide-1,11), occurs under these specific conditions when dithiomalonamide and methanal are the ligand synthons.

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