Synthesis, structure and biological activity of the O,O′-diethylphosphorohydrazonothionate Schiff base and its complexes with transition metals

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N′-2-Hydroxy-3-methoxy-benzalmethylene-O,O′-diethylphosphorohydrazonothionate (HL) and its six complexes (ML2) with CuII, ZnII, NiII, FeII, CoII and MnII have been synthesized and characterized. The crystal structure of CuL2 shows that the metal ion is tetracoordinated, bound to 2N from imine and 2O from hydroxybenzene to form a parallelogram. The effects on Stenostigma remota cells of complexes CuL2, CoL2 and MnL2 have been determined by microcalorimetry, which indicates that the compounds inhibit the metabolism of the insect cells.

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