Kinetics and Mechanism of the Formation of (1,5)bis(2-hydroxybenzamido)3- azapentaneiron(III) and its Reactions with Thiocyanate, Azide, Acetate, Sulfur(IV) and Ascorbic Acid in Solution, and the Synthesis and Characterization of (nitrato)bis- (2-hydroxybenzamido)3-azapentaneiron(III). The Role of Phenol–amide–amine Coordination
Synthesis and Characterization of Heteropolynuclear Redox Active Materials[FerCuCl]4YY′; Y = Y′ = O, Y = Y′ = Cat and Y = O, Y′ = Cat, Fer = N,N-dimethylaminomethylferrocene and Cat = 3,4,5,6-tetrachlorocatecholato Ligand
Reasons for and Consequences of the Mysterious Behaviour of Newly Prepared Hemipyridine Solvate of Bis(pyridine)silver(I) Permanganate, Agpy2MnO4 * 0.5py
Preparation and Crystal Structure of a New Cu(II) Complex of the N-ethoxycarbonyl-O-ethyl-N′-(2,4,6-trichlorophenyl)-isourea
Solubilities and Transfer Chemical Potentials for Cobalt(III) Complexes in t-butanol- i-propanol–, and ethanol–water Mixtures
Kinetics of Dissociation of tris-{3-(2-pyridyl)-5,6-bis(2-furyl)-1,2,4-triazine}iron(II)
Two Novel Oxamidato-bridged Tetranuclear Complexes M[Cu(PMoxd)]3(ClO4)2 (M=Mn, Ni, Cu(PMoxd)=N,N′-bis(pyridyl-methyl)-oxamidatocopper(II))
The Mercury(II) Catalyzed Ligand Exchange Between Hexacyanoferrate(II) and Pyrazine in Aqueous Medium
Ruthenium-mediated Selective Aromatic Thiolation in the Complex [RuII{o-S–C6H4-(p-R-)–N=N–C3H2NN(1)–R′}2]. Synthesis, Spectroscopic, e.p.r., Electro-chemical Characterization and Spectro-electrochemical Correlation
Surprising Magnetic Behavior of Cobalt(II) Ion in Recently Prepared Macrocycle Complexes. Distortion versus Intermolecular Antiferromagnetic Exchange Interactions
Novel Cobalt(II), Nickel(II) and Copper(II) Complexes of Neutral Orotic Acid. Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Thermal Studies
Novel Bimetallic Complexes of Copper, Nickel and Manganese Derived from the Cobalt(III) Complex and their Interaction Studies with Calf Thymus DNA
Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions at Planar Tetra-coordinate Bis-cationic-platinum(II) Complexes. Kinetics of Displacement of Pyridine from {Pt[2,6-bis(methylthiomethyl)pyridine](py)}2+, {Pt[bis(2-pyridylmethyl)amine] (py)}2+ and {Pt[bis(2-(pyridylmethyl)sulphide](py)}2+ Cations
Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of Some Transition Metal Complexes Containing Pentadentate SNNNS Donor Heterocyclic Schiff Base Ligands
Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Properties of Two Macrocyclic Dinuclear Complexes
The Unusual Thermodynamic Stability Order of the First-series Transition Metal Complexes with N,N,N′-tri(2-pyridylmethyl)glycinamide and the Crystal Structure of the Nickel(II) Complex
Kinetics and Mechanism of the Reduction of Enneamolybdomanganate(IV) by Citric Acid
Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Third-order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Coordination Polymers {[Et4N][Ag2I3]}n and [CuBr(C10H8N2S2)]n
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of New Schiff Bases Having the –SiOR Group (R = CH 3 or CH2CH3), and their Transition Metal Complexes
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