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Translational Trauma Research
Members of Underrepresented Groups
Sexual Violence, Institutional Betrayal, and Psychological Outcomes for LGB College Students
Acute Stress Reaction and Positive Future Orientation as Predictors of PTSD Among Israeli Adolescents Exposed to Missile Attacks
Trajectories of Binge Drinking Differentially Mediate Associations Between Adolescent Violence Exposure and Subsequent Adjustment in Young Adulthood
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Remember How This Feels
Rumination and Mindfulness Related to Multiple Types of Trauma Exposure
Peace of Mind’s Price Tag
The Effect of Military Sexual Assault, Combat Exposure, Postbattle Experiences, and General Harassment on the Development of PTSD and MDD in Female OEF/OIF Veterans
The Relationship of Predeployment Child-Focused Preparedness to Reintegration Attitudes and PTSD Symptoms in Military Fathers With Young Children
Testing the Efficacy of Three Brief Web-Based Interventions for Reducing Distress Among Interpersonal Violence Survivors
Empirically Tested Interventions for Torture Survivors
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