Avenues for immunomodulation and graft protection by gene therapy in transplantation
Interleukin-2 receptor antagonist induction in modern immunosuppression regimens for renal transplant recipients
Single-shot antithrombin in human pancreas–kidney transplantation
Biliary complications after living donor adult liver transplantation*
Solitary pancreas transplantation for life-threatening allergy to human insulin*
Steroid withdrawal in living donor renal transplant recipients using tacrolimus and cyclosporine
Monolateral placement of both kidneys in dual kidney transplantation
Extended right split liver graft for primary transplantation in children and adults*
Mini-incision open donor nephrectomy as an alternative to classic lumbotomy
Contractile dysfunction in experimental cardiac allograft rejection
Alloimmune hemolytic anemia after liver transplantation from an ABO-identical and Rh-nonidentical donor in a patient with postpartum Budd–Chiari syndrome
Therapeutical options in ureteral necrosis following kidney transplantation
Rapid reversal of coagulopathy in patients on platelet aggregation inhibitors immediately prior to renal transplantation with recombinant factor VIIa?
Successful transplantation to two recipients after splitting a large horseshoe kidney with complicated anatomy
The Bernd Tersteegen Award 2006