Thrombotic microangiopathy after kidney transplantation
Conventional versus piggyback technique of caval implantation; without extra-corporeal veno-venous bypass. A comparative study
Comparing two ureter reimplantation techniques in kidney transplant recipients
Hepatic steatosis is associated with intrahepatic cholestasis and transient hyperbilirubinemia during regeneration after living donor liver transplantation
Long-term results (10 years) of a prospective trial comparing Lo-tact-1 monoclonal antibody and anti-thymocyte globulin induction therapy in kidney transplantation
The calcineurin activity profiles of cyclosporin and tacrolimus are different in stable renal transplant patients
Hepatitis B virus immunization with an adjuvant containing vaccine after liver transplantation for hepatitis B-related disease
Effect of rapamycin on renal ischemia-reperfusion injury in mice
Prolonged survival of rat whole-limb allografts treated with cyclophosphamide, granulocyte colony-stimulation factor and FK506
Liver transplantation for the treatment of nonresectable metastatic duodenal paraganglioma
Esot presidential address by Prof. Jan Lerut – 19 October 2005
Laudatio to Prof. Thomas Earl Starzl, honorary member of ESOT