Help in the design and reporting of randomized controlled trials
Review of nonimmunological causes for deteriorated graft function and graft loss after transplantation
Immunosuppressive medications, clinical and metabolic parameters in new-onset diabetes mellitus after kidney transplantation
Two-step biliary external stent removal after living donor liver transplantation
Zygomycosis and other rare filamentous fungal infections in solid organ transplant recipients
Post-transplant distal limb syndrome
Sirolimus and intraoperative hyperthermic peritoneal chemoperfusion with mitomycin-C do not impair healing of bowel anastomoses
An alternative model of composite tissue allotransplantation
Administration of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist ameliorates renal ischemia-reperfusion injury
Transplantation of bone marrow-derived hepatocyte stem cells transduced with adenovirus-mediated IL-10 gene reverses liver fibrosis in rats
In primed allo-tolerance, TIM-3-Ig rapidly suppresses TGFβ, but has no immediate effect on Foxp3
Primary yolk sac tumor of the liver
Usefulness of splenectomy for chronic active antibody-mediated rejection after renal transplantation
Inhibition of mTOR by sirolimus induces remission of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders
A renal graft with six arteries and double pelvis
Laudatio to Prof. Masatoshi Makuuchi, honorary member of ESOT – Prague 2007