Human CMV-specific T-cell responses in kidney transplantation; toward changing current risk-stratification paradigm
Describing the evolution of medication nonadherence from pretransplant until 3 years post-transplant and determining pretransplant medication nonadherence as risk factor for post-transplant nonadherence to immunosuppressives: The Swiss Transplant Cohort Study
DQ molecules are the principal stimulators of de novo donor-specific antibodies in nonsensitized pediatric recipients receiving a first kidney transplant
Kinetics of peripheral blood lymphocyte subpopulations predicts the occurrence of opportunistic infection after kidney transplantation
Validation of a dropout assessment model of candidates with/without hepatocellular carcinoma on a common liver transplant waiting list
Antiviral activity and safety profile of silibinin in HCV patients with advanced fibrosis after liver transplantation: a randomized clinical trial
Clinical significance of gastrointestinal bleeding after living donor liver transplantation
Laparoscopic repair of incisional hernia in solid organ-transplanted patients: the method of choice?
Comparative analysis of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder after kidney transplantation versus hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Liraglutide protects Rin-m5f β cells by reducing procoagulant tissue factor activity and apoptosis prompted by microparticles under conditions mimicking Instant Blood-Mediated Inflammatory Reaction†
Carbon monoxide–releasing molecule attenuates allograft airway rejection
Smad3 signaling in the regenerating liver: implications for the regulation of IL-6 expression
Mechanical ventricular assist device as a bridge to recovery post-ABO-incompatible heart transplantation for failed Fontan circulation
Vessel rejection secondary to human leucocyte antigen antibodies directed against the arterial conduit following pancreas transplantation from a separate donor
The success of South-eastern Europe Health Network (SEEHN) initiative on improvement of the kidney transplant program – facts about Macedonia
Incarcerated left diaphragmatic hernia following left hepatectomy for living donor liver transplantation
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