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A systematic review and meta‐analysis of donor ischaemic preconditioning in liver transplantation
Intrapatient variability in tacrolimus exposure – a useful tool for clinical practice?
A high intrapatient variability in tacrolimus exposure is associated with poor long‐term outcome of kidney transplantation
The association between killer‐cell immunoglobulin‐like receptor (KIR) and KIR ligand genotypes and the likelihood of BK virus replication after kidney transplantation
Iron deficiency, anemia, and mortality in renal transplant recipients
Experience with belatacept rescue therapy in kidney transplant recipients
Lack of evidence for a reciprocal interaction between bacterial and cytomegalovirus infection in the allogeneic stem cell transplantation setting
Renal safety of high‐dose, sucrose‐free intravenous immunoglobulin in kidney transplant recipients
Effect of mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors on cytomegalovirus infection in kidney transplant recipients receiving polyclonal antilymphocyte globulins
Differential risks for adverse outcomes 3 years after kidney transplantation based on initial immunosuppression regimen
Steroids can reduce warm ischemic reperfusion injury in a porcine donation after circulatory death model with ex vivo lung perfusion evaluation
Mixed acute kidney allograft rejection after an antiprogrammed cell death protein 1 antibody treatment for lung epidermoid carcinoma