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Use of direct‐acting agents for hepatitis C virus‐positive kidney transplant candidates and kidney transplant recipients
Allograft utilization for pediatric heart transplantation
Donor predictors of allograft utilization for pediatric heart transplantation
Six‐year outcomes in broadly HLA‐sensitized living donor transplant recipients desensitized with intravenous immunoglobulin and rituximab
Liver transplant recipients with portal vein thrombosis receiving an organ from a high‐risk donor are at an increased risk for graft loss due to hepatic artery thrombosis
Kidney transplant recipients after nonrenal solid organ transplantation show low alloreactivity but an increased risk of infection
Predictive value of exhaled nitric oxide and aerobic capacity for sepsis complications after liver transplantation
Controlled randomized study comparing the cardiovascular profile of everolimus with tacrolimus in renal transplantation
Influence of antithymocyte globulin treatment of brain‐dead organ donor on inflammatory response in cardiac grafts
Orthotopic tracheal transplantation using human bronchus
Imaging cell biology in transplantation
Late isolated ocular toxoplasmosis in a belatacept‐treated kidney transplant patient