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Penile transplantation
Equitable distribution in rare indications for liver transplantation
Primary biliary cirrhosis has high wait‐list mortality among patients listed for liver transplantation
Mineral adaptations following kidney transplantation
Postoperative surgical‐site hemorrhage after kidney transplantation
Renal graft intolerance syndrome in late graft failure patients
Belatacept after kidney transplantation in adolescents
Higher calcineurin inhibitor levels predict better kidney graft survival in patients with de novo donor‐specific anti‐HLA antibodies
The recipient's heme oxygenase‐1 promoter region polymorphism is associated with cardiac allograft vasculopathy
Glomerular C4d deposits can mark structural capillary wall remodelling in thrombotic microangiopathy and transplant glomerulopathy
An evolving understanding of modifiable risk factors for post‐transplant mortality
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Thomas Earl Starzl, the father of transplantation (March 11, 1926–March 4, 2017)